Workforce Development

Stockton has a rich history of entrepreneurship, and we have great potential to expand our skilled and educated workforce to include more Stocktonians. Employment sits at the nexus of many issues like health and housing, and a meaningful career improves mental wellbeing and job retention. Higher paying jobs that align with people’s passions impacts the primary root cause of many of our base issues.

Workforce development

Any person in the SSPZ who wants to work can access employment

Backbone: Edge Collaborative


  • Implement the Skills PACT framework emerging from the 2018 Workforce Development Action Plan
  • Cultivating the workforce ecosystem of key stakeholders (service providers, educational institutions, employers) through the Mayor’s Skills Taskforce
  • Building research capabilities, focused on the development of a career pathways roadmap with UOP’s Middle Skilled Jobs Analysis
  • Prototyping workforce pilots, focused on credentialing for adult learners through new partnerships (UOP, Virtanza, WorkNet)

Indicator A

Unemployment rate for persons age 20-64

Indicator B

# of small businesses (less than 10 employees)