Improve Safety and Trust

Creating a safer community requires us to look at the root causes of violence. Poverty, systemic disinvestment and discrimination, and community trauma are all contributing factors that require difficult conversations to resolve. We must reduce despair and scarcity by providing opportunities for our community members who are the most at risk of being victimized by violence.

Priorities for a safer Stockton are to reduce violent crimes, property crimes, and homicides.

Improve Safety and Trust

Overall crime decreases in the SSPZ

Backbone: Office of Violence Prevention


  • Increasing the capacity of partners who provide authentic mentoring and counseling for systems impacted youth and adults.
  • Provide opportunities to those who have been systems impacted through Advance Peace. 
  • Address community trauma through dialogues on reconciling our historical discrimination and cognitive biases. 

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# of violent crimes

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# of property crimes

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# of homicides

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# of aggravated assaults

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# of sexual assaults