Everyone Needs a Home.

The Stockton Housing Justice Coalition is a resident-centered organization that empowers Stocktonians to advocate for policies and solutions that protect tenants and promote affordable housing through skill-building, education, organizing, and storytelling.

What is Housing Justice?

Housing Justice is a movement that seeks to dismantle racist housing policy and create safe, quality, and affordable housing for all.


The HJC aims to:
  • Build More affordable housing by creating a Housing Trust Fund
  • Prevent Evictions by creating a Right to Counsel program
  • Protect The Unsheltered by promoting a “No Displacement Without Navigation“ policy


We are fighting for Housing Justice in Stockton by:
  1. Telling the stories of residents whose lives have been positively impacted by affordable housing initiatives in and around Stockton
  2. Educating community stakeholders about affordable housing practices
  3. Working with the community to develop solutions to the most pressing housing issues
  4. Organizing the community to advocate for affordable housing efforts
See how affordable housing has improved the lives of South Stockton residents
Learn why the Housing Justice Coalition is working to Build More affordable housing and Prevent Evictions of renters.
low-income households do not have access to an affordable home in San Joaquin County
of Stockton renters are rent-burdened
of tenants have legal representation in eviction cases in San Joaquin County

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