Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education (ECE) is the foundation for the future opportunities of every Stocktonian. Education has a greater impact during our formative years, when our mind and body are experiencing the vast majority of growth that will occur in our lives. It is because of this that early education, preparation for academics, and promoting healthy habits and nutrition is a priority for the South Stockton Promise Zone.

Community members and our educators have prioritized improving access to preschool and HeadStart programs, increasing home visitation programs that assist the care providers of home learners, and to develop kindergarten bridge programs to give children and their families crucial resources to prepare their youth for a more impactful educational experience.

Early Childhood Education

Children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Backbone: San Joaquin County Office of Education


  • Asset mapping for preschool and Headstart programs to improve access and increase enrollment.
  • Collaboration between First 5 and CalWorks to increase in home visitation services within the Promise Zone.
  • Increase in Kindergarten Bridge programs.

Indicator A

# of children enrolled in preschool