Fairview Terrace Investment Strategy

Investing in Fairview Terrace

South Stockton has experienced historic disinvestment from government and private developers, resulting in a lack of community amenities, a housing supply and affordability crisis, poorer health outcomes, and significantly reduced community wealth.

With support from Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center, RSSC, Build Healthy Places Network, and real estate financing expert Deborah Leland created the Fairview Terrace Investment Strategy to outline actionable recommendations for improving quality of life for residents of this historic neighborhood in Southeast Stockton.

The Transform Fairview Terrace Initiative is supported by a Social Innovation Partnership Grant from Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center.


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Who We Are

Reinvent South Stockton Coalition (RSSC) is a public-private-non-profit collective impact initiative working to empower residents of South Stockton.

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