Educational Success

Providing a quality education for everyone in Stockton is the foundation to a prosperous future for our city. How well our youth can read or write correlates directly with their chances for opportunity and success down the road. Literacy and math are crucial to our understanding and communicating with those around us.

Priorities for Educational Success are to give our students what they need to improve 3rd grade reading and math scores. Reducing the effects of trauma and implicit bias on our students while improving health are also key to Educational Success, which directly relate to school attendance and suspension/expulsion rates.

Educational Success

Students are proficient in core academic subjects

Backbone: Stockton Unified School District/Stockton Schools Initiative


  • The coalition has laid the groundwork for a Cradle-to-Career pipeline in 9 schools located within the South Stockton Promise Zone. 
  • The 6-year commitment from Americorps to create the Stockton Service Corps gives our students the tutoring and mentoring opportunities to succeed.

Indicator A

% of 3rd grade students proficient in English Language Arts/Literacy

Indicator B

% of 3rd grade students proficient in Mathematics

Indicator C

Elementary school chronic absenteeism rate

Indicator D

Elementary school student suspension/expulsion rates