Reinvent South Stockton Coalition (RSSC) is a public-private-non-profit collective impact initiative working to empower residents to transform their community by affecting the root causes of intergenerational poverty through improvements in safety, education, housing, job creation, economic development, and health.
We are reinventing South Stockton by...
calibrating institutions to empower residents, breaking down silos to focus on intersectional solutions, and fostering trust between residents, institutions, and non-profits.
Authentically understanding the complex issues of our community through a clear window and in a common language.

See Our Progress

Our lives are made from many facets that continuously impact each other. Progress requires intersectional strategies across many different issues. Clearly tracking and understanding data is integral to realizing how what we are doing impacts everything else around us. The Reinvent South Stockton Coalition measures change across a diverse spectrum of issues through an online data scorecard to provide insight and transparency into our efforts.

Understanding Change through Data:

Healthy Lives

Community members lead healthy lives

Improve Safety and Trust

Overall crime decreases in the South Stockton Promise Zone.

Neighborhood Transformation

Increased economic activity provides the needed amenities for the SSPZ Community.

Early Childhood Education

Children enter kindergarten ready to learn

Educational Success

Students are proficient in core academic subjects.

Transition to Adulthood

Students successfully transition from high school to college/career

Workforce Development

Improving workforce skills and opportunities for meaningful employment
“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”

Audre Lorde

The Reinvent South Stockton Coalition functions under these...

Three Principles

Create awareness and advocate for the strengths and needs of South Stockton.

Align long term strategies and resources to improve South Stockton.

Develop civic engagement structures that will provide South Stockton residents a voice in decision-making.

This is achieved through...

Our Model

Achieving these principles requires collaboration, strategy, and the voice of the community. Read about the model we use to achieve this.

Knowing where Stockton has been guides where Stockton is going

Progress requires a clear understanding of the past. A significant part of the work done at RSSC is to tell the story of South Stockton and promote reconciliation between the community we serve and the systems and institutions that have historically discriminated against or neglected this community. Knowing the history is a key step in reconciliation and healing.

Initiatives to empower the community and build trust

Amplifying the voice of the people through civic engagement, improving the way that institutions serve our community, and developing trust between institutions and the community are central strategies for our collective impact model. Read about our current initiatives to make that happen.

Ensuring everyone has access to an affordable home

The Housing Justice Coalition is a resident-centered organization that empowers Stocktonians to advocate for policies and solutions that protect tenants and promote affordable housing through skill-building, education, organizing, and storytelling.

 The Reinvent South Stockton Coalition is part of the Reinvent Universe,

a group of organizations working to improve the City of Stockton.

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