Selecting Community Goals

How do we know what’s working, what’s important, and what we should focus on? The Results Based Accountability framework provides RSSC with a process called Turn the Curve, which is an exercise in which we look at data analyze the reasons behind why that data is with community members and partners. Turn the Curve thinking can be broken down into 5 steps.

Understanding Change through Data:

Early Childhood Education

Children enter kindergarten ready to learn

Educational Success

Students are proficient in core academic subjects.

Improve Safety and Trust

Overall crime decreases in the South Stockton Promise Zone.

Transition to Adulthood

Students successfully transition from high school to college/career

Healthy Lives

Community members lead healthy lives

Neighborhood Transformation

Increased economic activity provides the needed amenities for the SSPZ Community.
Authentically understanding the complex issues of life through a clear window and in a common language.

See Our Progress

Our lives are made from many facets that continually impact each other. Progress requires multiple strategies across many different issues. Clearly tracking and understanding data is integral to realizing how what we are doing impacts everything else around us. The Reinvent South Stockton Coalition measures change across a diverse spectrum of issues through an online data scorecard to provide insight and transparency into our efforts.

Figure out which partners have a role to play in improving the data.

Ask if there are other people out there working on the problem that should be at the table. Think about which key partners can help you address the many facets of the problem and decide what each partner’s specific action will be. 

Talk about the story behind the data.

What contributes to the problem? Dig deep into the root causes for the issue with an understanding of intersectionality. For example, sometimes health issues are caused by housing, or education barriers are caused by health problems. Take into account everything that affects the issue.

Using the prioritized idea,

We develop an action plan. Detail out the plan. What steps must be completed for each action? What is a reasonable timeline to complete them in? Our plan must address these questions. From this point, the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition stewards the collective plan through implementation and continuous re-evaluation and adaptation.

Brainstorm about what works to improve the issue.

What do we change or add to turn the curve? Decide what the attributes of these ideas are. Are they low cost or no cost? Are they ideas that are already being done but just need to be scaled up or improved? Encourage “off the wall” ideas. Prioritize these ideas and decide which ideas are feasible and fit into what your community can accomplish. 

Grap the issues you are looking at,

Including a history and a forecast of what you feel the problem will look like if nothing is done. 

Goals & Data

Click here to view our Goals and an online Data Scorecard that shares what we are working towards, the thinking that led us to those decisions, and how well we are doing to improve the challenges we face.