Emma Klahr

Emma Klahr

Project Coordinator


Emma (they/them) serves as the Cradle to Career Project Coordinator, leading RSSC’s Cradle to Career result areas. They are working to ensure that all students in the South Stockton Promise Zone have the support they need to succeed throughout every level of their education. Emma’s hope is to expand access to college and the workforce and prepare Stockton youth for life after graduation.

Emma is dedicated to fighting the social disparities that create adverse health outcomes for marginalized communities. Before coming to RSSC, Emma worked at a holistic legal advocacy firm where they were involved in pushing for local policy change as well as researching and developing community support initiatives. In their studies, they focused on the media narratives that perpetuate false perceptions of communities of color and the devastating impacts this has. They are very excited to apply their knowledge from these past experiences to the Education impact initiatives at RSSC.

Emma obtained their Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Politics & Communication at the London School of Economics. In their spare time, they like to listen to music, read, and go on hikes.

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