Neighborhood Transformation

Disinvested for over a century, we must revitalize South Stockton by increasing economic vitality and investment in sustainable growth and a shared prosperity for all. A prosperous community needs improved housing and storefronts, but true prosperity is defined by having a better quality of life and what is needed for a positive self-image of our community.

Priorities for Neighborhood Transformation are to improve housing, retail, and public spaces, investment in properties through Opportunity Zones, and ensuring that South Stockton has convenient access to the spaces and resources that it wants.

Neighborhood Transformation

Increased economic activity provides the needed amenities for the SSPZ Community

Backbone: San Joaquin Council of Governments


  • Conducting community engagement and walkability/transportation mapping to determine what resources are needed where. 
  • Improving housing to meet the needs of the people while making it affordable to increase home ownership. 
  • Reducing blight and redeveloping commercial and public spaces to meet the needs of the community. 

Indicator A

Home ownership rate

Indicator B

Rate of overcrowding in occupied housing units

Indicator C

% of cost-burdened families among those living in rental units

Indicator D

# living in substandard housing - lacking complete kitchen facilities

Indicator E

# living in substandard housing - lacking complete plumbing

Housing Justice

Ensuring everyone has access to an affordable home

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